7-O-Acetyl-G[IMAGE] in Human T-lymphocytes Is Detected by a Specific T-cell-activating Monoclonal Antibody

C. Claus
1995 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
The monoclonal antibody U5, which is a potent inducer of proliferation in human T-cells, was found to bind to an alkali-sensitive derivative of ganglioside G D3 . Using immunochemical and spectroscopic methods, the structure of the U5 antigen was determined as 7-Oacetyl-G D3 . The antibody U5 did not react with 9-Oacetyl-G D3 and bound severalfold more stronger to 7-Oacetyl-G D3 than to G D3 . U5 is the first antibody known to detect preferentially 7-O-acetyl-G D3 . Flow cytometric analysis
more » ... ed that each major class of human leukocytes contained a significant fraction of cells binding the U5 antibody.
doi:10.1074/jbc.270.50.30173 pmid:8530426 fatcat:aqjmdpcu2rgf5fn3rimsd7aimi