Nutation in Space and Diurnal Nutation in the Case of an Elastic Earth [chapter]

Nicole Capitaine
1979 Time and the Earth's Rotation  
In order to improve the representation of nutation, the effect of elasticity of the Earth on the nutation in space and diurnal nutation of the terrestrial rotation axis is considered and its amplitude is evaluated for the principal terms.The choice between several methods taking this effect into account is discussed. A comparison with the effect induced on nutation by the existence of a liquid core in the Earth's interior shows that the consideration of elasticity alone cannot give any
more » ... ion in the representation of nutation. The question of the axes to which the coefficients of the nutation in space must be referred (Jeffreys 1959,Atkinson 1973) is also of great importance in the case of a non rigid Earth.
doi:10.1007/978-94-009-9368-6_31 fatcat:cen7sl2virhfvhao6l7hlgpj7q