Optimizing the AC resistance of multilayer transformer windings with arbitrary current waveforms

W.G. Hurley, E. Gath, J.G. Breslin
30th Annual IEEE Power Electronics Specialists Conference. Record. (Cat. No.99CH36321)  
AC losses due to non-sinusoidal current waveforms have been found by calculating the losses at harmonic frequencies when the Fourier coefficients are known. An optimized foil or layer thickness in a winding may be found by applying the Fourier analysis over a range of thickness values. This paper presents a new formula for the optimum foil or layer thickness, without the need for Fourier coefficients and calculations at harmonic frequencies. The new formula requires the rms value of the current
more » ... alue of the current waveform and the rms value of its derivative. It is simple, straightforward and applies to any periodic waveshape.
doi:10.1109/pesc.1999.789077 fatcat:c74n5lhg25dl5pwltignzfmh2u