The Islamic Symbols in Indonesian Anti-Corruption Poetry

C Ulya, N Wardani
2019 Proceedings of the First International Conference on Advances in Education, Humanities, and Language, ICEL 2019, Malang, Indonesia, 23-24 March 2019   unpublished
This study aimed to describe and explained the Islamic symbols in the anti-corruption poetry as the irony of the behavior of corrupt politicians in Indonesia. The method used in this research was the content analysis with the object of the study in terms of the anti-corruption poetry. The results of this study showed that the poet uses symbols impress as media for criticizing the behavior of corrupt politicians in Indonesia. Islam in Indonesia, in the politicians view, is the mask to hide
more » ... t behavior. Representation of the islamic symbols appear in the poetries with the title "Tuan Berpeci Tuhan", "Tuan Haji Tujuh Kali", "Caleg Silakan Masuk Masjid", "Tuhan Ke Dua", and "Tawaf Sang Koruptor". The poetries depict that Islam is only a tool to perpetuate power and maintain their position in the political arena. The irony of this is conveyed by the poet to show how bad behavior of corruptors Indonesia in hide his wickedness is. Moreover, the Lord of Islam is fooled to pave the way of politics they choose.
doi:10.4108/eai.23-3-2019.2284911 fatcat:3z6hp5r5sfhnxnn2esli7fvdc4