A Wide-Field Camera and Fully Remote Operations at the Wyoming Infrared Observatory

Joseph R. Findlay, Henry A. Kobulnicky, James S. Weger, Gerald A. Bucher, Marvin C. Perry, Adam D. Myers, Michael J. Pierce, Conrad Vogel
2016 Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific  
Upgrades at the 2.3 meter Wyoming Infrared Observatory telescope have provided the capability for fully-remote operations by a single operator from the University of Wyoming campus. A line-of-sight 300 Megabit/s 11 GHz radio link provides high-speed internet for data transfer and remote operations that include several real-time video feeds. Uninterruptable power is ensured by a 10 kVA battery supply for critical systems and a 55 kW autostart diesel generator capable of running the entire
more » ... tory for up to a week. Construction of a new four-element prime-focus corrector with fused-silica elements allows imaging over a 40' field-of-view with a new 4096x4096 UV-sensitive prime-focus camera and filter wheel. A new telescope control system facilitates the remote operations model and provides 20" rms pointing over the usable sky. Taken together, these improvements pave the way for a new generation of sky surveys supporting space-based missions and flexible-cadence observations advancing emerging astrophysical priorities such as planet detection, quasar variability, and long-term time-domain campaigns.
doi:10.1088/1538-3873/128/969/115003 fatcat:t65nq3sdcbefza3ctqggpapnhq