Investigations of ion transport through nanoscale polymer membranes by fluorescence quenching of CdSe/CdS quantum dot/quantum rods

Jan-Philip Merkl, Christopher Wolter, Sandra Flessau, Christian Schmidtke, Johannes Ostermann, Artur Feld, Alf Mews, Horst Weller
2016 Nanoscale  
Detailed steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence quenching measurements give deep insight into ion transport through nanometer thick diblock copolymer membranes, which were assembled as biocompatible shell material around CdSe/CdS quantum dot in quantum rods. We discuss the role of polymer chain length, intermolecular cross-linking and nanopore formation by analysing electron transfer processes from the photoexcited QDQRs to Cu(II) ions, which accumulate in the polymer membrane.
more » ... mbrane. Fluorescence investigations on single particle level additionally allow identifying ensemble inhomogeneities. † Electronic supplementary information (ESI) available: Experimental section, particle characterization, data acquisition, widefield images, representative PL time traces, extracted stretched exponential factors, long term PL stability assessment at different pH values and in the presence of quenching Cu(II) ions. See
doi:10.1039/c5nr08318d pmid:26987974 fatcat:afqaxcrx7jhjfdwko6kot6u4me