Quality Evaluation of Threshing and Redrying Process Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

GUO Xiaohan, TANG Chaohua, TAN Jing, WU Qiuguo, XIE Bowen, CHEN Zhuangyu
2020 unpublished
Improving the stability of the homogenization process to achieve the homogeneity of tobacco products is one of important targets for the redrying industry. According to the specification for threshing and redrying process, a total of 14 indicators in three categories that affect the quality of the threshing and redrying process were selected. Using analytic hierarchy process, combined with expert experiences, a judgment matrix was constructed to conduct consistency test. The weights of indices
more » ... n production were obtained. This will help in evaluating the actual production quality, finding the weak links of process and adjusting the parameters of the corresponding links in a targeted manner, thereby improving the quality of production process.
doi:10.22004/ag.econ.310160 fatcat:p5hbkm2zhzb2plztpkoahaknki