Spatio-Temporal Top-k Similarity Search for Trajectories in Graphs [article]

Lutz Oettershagen, Anne Driemel, Petra Mutzel
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We study the problem of finding the k most similar trajectories to a given query trajectory. Our work is inspired by the work of Grossi et al. [6] that considers trajectories as walks in a graph. Each visited vertex is accompanied by a time-interval. Grossi et al. define a similarity function that captures temporal and spatial aspects. We improve this similarity function to derive a new spatio-temporal distance function for which we can show that a specific type of triangle inequality is
more » ... ed. This distance function is the basis for our index structures, which can be constructed efficiently, need only linear memory, and can quickly answer queries for the top-k most similar trajectories. Our evaluation on real-world and synthetic data sets shows that our algorithms outperform the baselines with respect to indexing time by several orders of magnitude while achieving similar or better query time and quality of results.
arXiv:2009.06778v2 fatcat:hhx5h4spqjhnxgok576n4twn3a