MIMO measurement for double-directional channel modelling

R.S. Thoma
2001 IEE Seminar MIMO: Communications Systems from Concept to Implementation   unpublished
In this paper a parametric modelling approach for double-directional radio channels is introduced that is based on measured data. The MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) measurement principle using multiple antennas at both the transmitter and receiver site can be effectively exploited to estimate the propagation direction, delay and Doppler shift of any significant path at both ends of the wireless link simultaneously. From the estimated parameter sets a precise reconstruction of the
more » ... ensional wave field in the aperture domains of time, frequency and space is possible. Since this way the measurement antenna properties are excluded from the channel, the influence of a variety of other array architectures can be investigated with the reconstructed wave field. This builds the basis for manifold analyses and simulations of MIMO transmission links in a very realistic way.
doi:10.1049/ic:20010191 fatcat:74w224f3lffbrpnzjiiazn45c4