Values of contrast galactography in nonlactating nipple discharge in Korean women

K K Oh, Y H Park, H Ji, C Y Park
1988 Journal of the Korean Radiological Society  
Nipple discharge is a relatively frequent initial symptom of a pathologic lesion in the nonlactating breast w hich brin gs th e patient to the physician for t reatment Eventhough only stressful significance of a sangu inous discharge, all 야pe of nipple discharge w ill indicate t hat abnormal nipple discharge is a symptom of a pathologic change in the ductal and sec retery susrem 。f the breast, and galacto gram often offers information to etiology Galactograph y using wate r so luble contrast
more » ... ia is a valuab le proced ure to evaluate women w ith.nonlactat iona l nipple discharge or bleeding w hi ch are usuall y due to benign diseases such as intraductal pap ill oma, papillomatosis, secretory disease o r malignant lesions. Contrast galactography can often accomplish such localization and sometimes can suggest o r coniirm the nature of the pathologic process." Authors have experienced 5077 cases of mammograms, and among them, 195 cases w ith nipple discharge have been at Yo undong Severance Hospital. Yonsei University since October 1, 1983 through June 10, 1988. The res ults were: 1 . Incid ence of nonlactating nipple discharge was 3.9% among 5077 cases 2. Most frequent histopatho logic disease among surgicall y confi rm ed 100 cases was papi ll oma (35%), which was fo ll owed by papillomatosis (28%), fibrocystic disease (14%) and then breat carcinoma (13%)' 3. Age distribution of patient of nonlactating nipple discharge showed no differences in comparing to the patients w ith the same histopathologic disease w ithout nipple discharge 4. Bloody nipple discharge is the co mmonest finding (61 %) wh ich was fo ll owed by serous (22%), milk빼 (8%), and then serosanguinous (5%) nipple discharge. In analyzing relationship between histopathologic diagnosis and nipple discharge, papill oma and papillomatosis had bloody nippl e discharge (69%, 57%), frequently and sero us nipple discharge (26%, 25%). Breat cancer had mostly bloody nipple discharge (85%), incontrast to the fibrocystic disease w hich showed 50% bl oody an d 28% milkish nipple discharge 5. Galactographic characteristics of papilloma we re single duct dilatation (63%) w ith singl e intraductal filling defect (66%) along w ith ductal obstruction (31%). Papillomatosis showed sin gle duct dil atation w ith numorous 이 논문은 19 88 년 8월 3 1 일에 접수하여 1988 년 9월 28 일에 채 택되었음
doi:10.3348/jkrs.1988.24.5.782 fatcat:d6adz6ovlrfg7pitdrnx663xfu