2011 Bulletin de l Académie vétérinaire de France  
Mots-clés : faune sauvage, chasse, opinions, agriculture, épidémiologie. RÉSUMÉ In 2008, a public opinion poll revealed a significant increase in opinions in favour of hunting, thereby levelling out the difference between those for and those against. However, there were variations based on the age of those surveyed and on the type of area they lived in. Hunters play a major role in the management of biodiversity and ecosystems, as they participate in the planting and maintenance of hedges and
more » ... oves and in the maintenance of wetlands. Farmers and foresters work together with hunters, integrating the preservation of wildlife and its habitats on their farmland. Hunting organisations set up a system to monitor and evaluate continuously the 90 species of game hunted. The French epidemiological network monitoring the health of wildlife SAGIR was created in 1986 by the French national hunting organisation ONCFS and the federations of hunters FNC and FDC, and is managed by the hunting organisations working with veterinary laboratories.
doi:10.4267/2042/48063 fatcat:2dzttpwjcvfgroetdfoijq5pu4