Biomaterials for protein delivery for complex tissue healing responses

Jonathan Dorogin, Jakob M Townsend, Marian H Hettiaratchi
2021 Biomaterials Science  
Tissue repair requires a complex cascade of events mediated by a variety of cells, proteins, and matrix molecules; however, the healing cascade can be easily disrupted by numerous factors, resulting in impaired tissue regeneration. Recent advances in biomaterials for tissue regeneration have increased the ability to tailor the delivery of proteins and other biomolecules to injury sites to restore normal healing cascades and stimulate robust tissue repair. In this review, we discuss the
more » ... of the field toward creating biomaterials that precisely control protein delivery to stimulate tissue regeneration, with a focus on addressing complex and dynamic injury environments. We highlight biomaterials that leverage different mechanisms to deliver and present proteins involved in healing cascades, tissue targeting and mimicking strategies, materials that can be triggered by environmental cues, and integrated strategies that combine multiple biomaterial properties to improve protein delivery. Improvements in biomaterial design to address complex injury environments will expand our understanding of both normal and aberrant tissue repair processes and ultimately provide a better standard of patient care.
doi:10.1039/d0bm01804j pmid:33432960 fatcat:qa5odqjwonditde2lvkjtj7tt4