MFCS'98 Satellite Workshop on Cellular Automata

Thomas Worsch, Roland Vollmar, [Hrsg.]
For the 1998 conference on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (MFCS'98) four papers on Cellular Automata were accepted as regular MFCS'98 contributions. Furthermore an MFCS'98 satellite workshop on Cellular Automata was organized with ten additional talks. The embedding of the workshop into the conference with its participants coming from a broad spectrum of fields of work lead to interesting discussions and a fruitful exchange of ideas. The contributions which had been accepted for
more » ... CS'98 itself may be found in the conference proceedings, edited by L. Brim, J. Gruska and J. Zlatuska, Springer LNCS 1450. All other (invited and regular) papers of the workshop are contained in this technical report. (One paper, for which no postscript file of the full paper is available, is only included in the printed version of the report). Contents: F. Blanchard, E. Formenti, P. Kurka: Cellular automata in the Cantor, Besicovitch and Weyl Spaces K. Kobayashi: On Time Optimal Solutions of the Two-Dimensional Firing Squad Synchronization Problem L. Margara: Topological Mixing and Denseness of Periodic Orbits for Linear Cellular Automata over Z_m B. Martin: A Geometrical Hierarchy of Graph via Cellular Automata K. Morita, K. Imai: Number-Conserving Reversible Cellular Automata and Their Computation-Universality C. Nichitiu, E. Remila: Simulations of graph automata K. Svozil: Is the world a machine? H. Umeo: Cellular Algorithms with 1-bit Inter-Cell Communications F. Reischle, Th. Worsch: Simulations between alternating CA, alternating TM and circuit families K. Sutner: Computation Theory of Cellular Automata
doi:10.5445/ir/33798 fatcat:gm2kadutjrfddhm5f2dzctmiia