Scaling behavior of scattering observables for three-body systems near the unitary limit

Lauro Tomio, M A Shalchi, M T Yamashita, M R Hadizadeh, T Frederico
2017 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
This contribution reports recent investigations on low-energy scaling properties of three-body systems, by considering elastic s−wave collisions of a particle in a bound-state formed by the remaining two-body system. First, some previous results for the case of the halo nucleus 20 C will be revised, for the neutron− 19 C scattering properties near the critical condition for the occurrence of an excited bound state in 20 C, within a neutron−neutron− 18 C configuration. In our approach, we
more » ... r the Faddeev formalism with renormalized zero-range two-body interactions. Next, by considering the actual possibilities for verification of low-energy scaling properties in cold-atom laboratories, the approach is extended to atomic strongly-massimbalanced three-body systems, with two identical heavy particles and a light one. In this case, we consider that the heavy particle is being scattered by the light-heavy weakly-bound dimer. Our preliminary results for scattering observable are evidencing the universal scaling features.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/915/1/012002 fatcat:dtluviwsizhe5awwrhuvlednma