Role of Thought Force (TF) of Consciousness Model Along with Gravitational Force (GF) to Explain the Relevant Conditions for the Formation of A Black Hole

Dhananjay Pal
2013 American Journal of Physics and Applications  
Scientists have arrived at a simple but decisive conclusion that consciousness is very much a part of the universe, like other objects. Our consciousness model involving thought-carrying particle (TCP), thought retaining particle (TRP) and thought force (T F ) signifies the existence of universal consciousness that exists along with the universe. This universal consciousness is a functional state of the universal mind. This universal mind (UM) is evolved at the Big Bang from void. The UM is
more » ... void. The UM is constituted by these TCP and TRP in the inherent presence of thought force (T F ). Thought force (T F ) is an expression of universal consciousness. A single field emerged at the origin of the universe, already containing within itself the blueprint of the physical universe. The primordial single field triggered the onset of the universe. Most physicists believe that a single super-force dominated the first instants of creation. The Thought force (T F ) being the primordial quantum field functions as the original super-force. T F being the original super-force functions as the origin of all the fundamental fields. TCP is the carrier of thought force (T F ) that, in turn, appears to be the origin of all the fields. The quantized energy ( )
doi:10.11648/j.ajpa.20130103.11 fatcat:sftfl6za3fgbpftskz733jtmxa