Current-driven homogenization and effective medium parameters for finite samples

Vadim A. Markel, Igor Tsukerman
2013 Physical Review B  
Reflection and refraction of electromagnetic waves by artificial periodic composites (metamaterials) can be accurately modeled by an effective medium theory only if the boundary of the medium is explicitly taken into account and the two effective parameters of the medium -- the index of refraction and the impedance -- are correctly determined. Theories that consider infinite periodic composites do not satisfy the above condition. As a result, they cannot model reflection and transmission by
more » ... te samples with the desired accuracy and are not useful for design of metamaterial-based devices. As an instructive case in point, we consider the "current-driven" homogenization theory, which has recently gained popularity. We apply this theory to the case of one-dimensional periodic medium wherein both exact and homogenization results can be obtained analytically in closed form. We show that, beyond the well-understood zero-cell limit, the current-driven homogenization result is inconsistent with the exact reflection and transmission characteristics of the slab.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.88.125131 fatcat:7cnxefxur5ao5i4tpfv7poy6ey