Upland Field Irrigation Made Available by Three Irrigation Projects in Aichi Prefecture

1986 Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi)  
This paper deals with upland field irrigation in Aichi Prefecture. In 1975, Aichi Prefecture had the highest ratio of upland fields equipped with irrigation facilities to total available upland field area. This high ratio was accomplished due to large-scale projects such as the Aichi, Nobi, and Toyokawa irrigation canal projects. At present, the degree to which the upland field irrigation sheme is successful and to which the upland field irrigation facilities are useful vary widely among the
more » ... as where the three canals are intended to benefit. For example, in the region served by the Aichi Canal (Aichi Canal Area = Aichi C. A.), the scheme's size has been reduced and, for the most part, the upland field irrigation facilities have been abandoned. The project scheme in the Nobi C.A. has been similarly unsuccessful, and, furthermore, upland field irrigation facilities lie idle. But, in the Toyokawa C.A., the scheme has been greatly expanded and maximum use is being made through the scheme's facilities. A study conducted to find the causes of such big differences in success and in usefulness clarified the following points : 1. The reaction of farmers toward the upland field irrigation project can be understood
doi:10.5026/jgeography.95.3_199 fatcat:6g5yw4nrrjgv3cupoooqk7eeqi