Investigation of Cold-Formed Steel Top-Hat Sections Under Bending

A. Uzzaman, A.M. Wrzesien, R. Hamilton, J.B.P. Lim, D. Nash
Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing   unpublished
In recent years, with the introduction of higher strength grades, cold-formed steel sections have become increasingly more slender. As a result, top-hat purlin sections have become an alternative to conventional zed purlins, particularly when smaller purlin spans (around 4 m) are required. Such top-hat sections are torsionally stiffer than zed purlins, and have greater resistance against lateral-torsional buckling. Furthermore, they do not require anti-sag rods. However, when determining their
more » ... trength, they are susceptible to buckling. In this paper, a combination of full-scale laboratory tests and finite element analyses are used to investigate the bending strength of such top-hat sections. Both upward and downward loading conditions are considered. In this paper, twenty-seven full-scale experimental tests on top-hat sections are described. The moment capacities obtained experimentally are compared against those predicted by the Eurocodes and non-linear elasto-plastic finite element analyses.
doi:10.4203/ccp.102.15 fatcat:ihnwy7u2xvgz3nmkyfg7ox4eze