The evolving and interacting bases of EU environmental policy legitimacy

M. Leann Brown
2016 Global Discourse: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Current Affairs and Applied Contemporary Thought  
Some recent scholarship has focused on concerns that implementation and compliance difficulties are undermining the legitimacy of European Union environmental policies and even the EU itself. Other officials and analysts, however, contend that environmental policy is one of the EU's most successful policy areas. While most discuss "legitimacy" in unspecified and/or absolutist terms, it is instead a more nuanced and contested concept. This paper investigates several evolving and interacting
more » ... nd interacting bases of legitimacies associated with "permissive acceptance" (based upon functionalist criteria, expert and technical authority, and policy effectiveness), "appropriateness" (based upon value and norm consensus and legalization), active commitment (based upon democratic processes), and identity (based upon global leadership, among other factors). These legitimacies vary in terms of their strength, stability and durability and among the multiple European actors and institutions.
doi:10.1080/23269995.2016.1153826 fatcat:m33jkyga4veerkrcehsmvu56yq