The Improvement of Fault Detection in Different Fabric for a Weaving Loom

S Rathinavel
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
The inadequate and excess illumines are severe problem in any vision control system especially in fabric fault detection system, it is because different kind of fabrics and different view marks are involved. To overcome these problem, should optimize the light intensity and optimize the threshold level for various fabrics accordingly. This study mainly focused on reducing complexity of automated fault detection system in real time. The important demerits of exiting system for fault detection
more » ... necessity of enormous memory, long processing time, strictly stick on a single design and non-adoptability for different kind of fabric materials. There is a necessity to sort out these problems with a simplified system. At this juncture, the developed system sorted out almost all the demerit of the existing system by measuring the intensity of the light, which is passed through the fabric. The escaped lights are captured by a camera and this signal fed into a data acquisition card. Then, the signal is synthesized in the hardware module itself, the signal was processed by various image processing techniques. The operations of developed system are explained. Also the merits and demerits of the developed system are discussed.