Engineering and verifying agent-oriented requirements augmented by business constraints with $${\mathcal{B}}$$ -Tropos

Marco Montali, Paolo Torroni, Nicola Zannone, Paola Mello, Volha Bryl
2010 Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems  
We propose B-Tropos as a modeling framework to support agent-oriented systems engineering, from high-level requirements elicitation down to execution-level tasks. In particular, we show how B-Tropos extends the Tropos methodology by means of declarative business constraints, inspired by the ConDec graphical language. We demonstrate the functioning of B-Tropos using a running example inspired by a real-world industrial scenario, and we describe how B-Tropos models can be automatically formalized
more » ... in computational logic, discussing formal properties of the resulting framework and its verification capabilities.
doi:10.1007/s10458-010-9135-4 fatcat:nqnsa6qtvva7hdaof2nea77icy