Possible hadronic excess in ψ(2S) decay and the ρπ puzzle

Mahiko Suzuki
2001 Physical Review D, Particles and fields  
We examine the so-called rho-pi puzzle of the psi(2S) decay by incorporating two inputs: One is the relative phase between the one-photon and the gluon decay amplitude, and the other is a possible anomaly in the inclusive nonelectromagnetic decay rate of psi(2S). We propose the possibility that in the psi(2S) decay a hadronic decay process of long distance origin is important in addition to the short-distance decay process. The amplitude of this additional process should nearly cancel the
more » ... gluon amplitude in the exclusive psi(2S)---> 1-0- and turn the sum dominantly real in contrast to the J/psi decay. We present general consequences of this mechanism and then briefly look into two models which possibly explain the course of this additional amplitude.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.63.054021 fatcat:xghbkbraavc37eokqhyuvtnrhy