The Altenative Developing Model of Adolescent Reproductive Health Gurendro Putro

Pusat Penelitian, Pengembangan Sistem, Kebijakan Kesehatan, Badan Litbangkes, Kesehatan Kementerian, Jawa Surabaya, Timur
Teenagers are the future generation, so in their lives, they need to get right information, proper education either science or religion. Adolescents with any feature of the physical and psychological changes, need to be provide with enough knowledge about reproduction health in order to keep and maintain an optimal life. Adolescent reproductive health is essential, in order to equip young people and directing the adolescents to a good life in the future. Good information and correct knowledge
more » ... out reproduction health is very important for teenager's life, so they would not get caught in the wrong pattern of life. In many other countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Philippines, there been efforts to provide some knowledge to adolescents about reproduction health. Objective: To examine and explain adolescent's reproduction health program in Indonesia and abroad, and to make alternative development models of adolescent's reproduction health Methode: To conduct a literature study with review strategy in journal, research documents and program of adolescent's reproduction health in Indonesia and abroad. Result: In Indonesia, it still needs to be increased, due to the data of reproduction health in healthcare workers (60%); adolescents parents (65%) school teachers (83.3%) and adolescents (77.3%), have less knowledge about adolescent reproductive development. Conclusion: Alternative development models of adolescent's reproduction health, which is to use models of reproduction health and distribute adolescent's potential with the involvement of all society components in order to meet the adolescents reproduction necessity.