Classification of Random Forms and Distortions Presented to the Left or Right Visual Field

Seymour Axelrod, Lillian Leiber, Michael Noonan
1978 Perceptual and Motor Skills  
Twenty right-handed undergraduate men were taught in free vision to categorize distortions of prototypic random forms and were then tested in a Go/No Go task with lateralized tachistoscopic presentations of previously sorted (old) distortions, new distortions, the prototypes, and unrelated forms. Accuracy of performance on positive items increased in the order New < Old < Prototype. More false alarms occurred to unrelated items in the right than in the left visual field, suggesting that the
more » ... e systems generated during training had different characteristics in the two hemispheres.
doi:10.2466/pms.1978.47.2.615 pmid:724400 fatcat:55smn7alhfcq7ev3nrvwcoavjq