The Clinical Investigation of So-Called "Pleural Tuberculoma" in the Last 3 Years

Tsuneo SUZUKI, Emiko TOYODA, Jyunzaburou KABE
1994 Kekkaku (Tuberculosis)  
We have investigated on the clinical features of pleural nodular lesions which have appeared during chemotherapy of tuberculous pleurisy. Such lesions were observed in more than 10% of the cases of tuberculous pleurisy. This type of lesion occurred more frequently in the pleurisy patients whose chest X-ray did not show any tuberculous lesion in lung field and whose sputum was negative of tubercle bacilli. Most of the patients with such lesion were young.
doi:10.11400/kekkaku1923.69.345 fatcat:7g42ysl54fhpzmgcyafn3356sa