Suppression of spin-bath dynamics for improved coherence of multi-spin-qubit systems

N. Bar-Gill, L.M. Pham, C. Belthangady, D. Le Sage, P. Cappellaro, J.R. Maze, M.D. Lukin, A. Yacoby, R. Walsworth
2012 Nature Communications  
Scalability of multi-qubit systems is crucial for the advancement and application of quantum science. Such scalability requires maintaining long coherence times while increasing the number of qubits in the system. For solid-state spin systems, qubit coherence is closely related to fundamental questions of many-body spin dynamics. Here we apply a coherent spectroscopic technique to characterize the dynamics of the composite solid-state spin environment of Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) color centers in
more » ... color centers in room temperature diamond. We identify a new mechanism for suppression of electronic spin bath dynamics in the presence of a nuclear spin bath of sufficient concentration. This suppression enhances the efficacy of dynamical decoupling techniques, resulting in increased coherence times for multi-spin-qubit systems, thus paving the way for scalable applications in quantum information, sensing and metrology.
doi:10.1038/ncomms1856 pmid:22617298 fatcat:d4cmyvk3nbdxxh22psauqxolli