High-Frequency Synchronization Improves Firing Rate Contrast and Information Transmission Efficiency in E/I Neuronal Networks

Fang Han, Zhijie Wang, Hong Fan, Yaopeng Zhang, Rubin Wang
2020 Neural Plasticity  
High-frequency synchronization has been found in many real neural systems and is confirmed by excitatory/inhibitory (E/I) network models. However, the functional role played by it remains elusive. In this paper, it is found that high-frequency synchronization in E/I neuronal networks could improve the firing rate contrast of the whole network, no matter if the network is fully connected or randomly connected, with noise or without noise. It is also found that the global firing rate contrast
more » ... ncement can prevent the number of spikes of the neurons measured within the limited time window from being confused by noise, thereby enhancing the information encoding efficiency (quantified by entropy theory here) of the neuronal system. The mechanism of firing rate contrast enhancement is also investigated. Our work implies a possible functional role in information transmission of high-frequency synchronization in neuronal systems.
doi:10.1155/2020/8823111 pmid:33224190 pmcid:PMC7669332 fatcat:ajjx4hh6unbkni3cpfrkdwliry