Reply on RC1 [peer_review]

Tim Herbert
2021 unpublished
Herbert et al noted that the Site 846 composite section across the Pliocene M2 glaciation was anomalous compared to other sites. They attempt to remake a composite section for ODP Site 846 based on physical properties from shipboard scanning tracks but also by correlation to the wireline logs, and comparison to new discrete stable isotope and alkenone analyses. It has long been known that one hole, even if completely cored, will have gaps between cores taken. Two holes are better, but there can
more » ... tter, but there can still be gaps. There are times when correlations are ambiguous. They develop a methodology to compare shipboard data to a conductivity record from the wireline logs and check it with other discrete measurements. C1
doi:10.5194/cp-2019-133-ac1 fatcat:lx6meph4l5hsnbsqlgbrf6cn7e