Treatment of central precocious puberty by GnRH analogs: long-term outcome in men

Silvano Bertelloni, Dick Mul
2008 Asian Journal of Andrology  
In boys, central precocious puberty (CPP) is the appearance of secondary sex characteristics driven by pituitary gonadotropin secretion before the age of 9 years. In the last years, relevant improvements in the treatment of CPP have been achieved. Because CPP is rare in boys, the majority of papers on this issue focus on girls and do not address specific features of male patients regarding end results and safety. In the present paper, recent advances of CPP management with GnRH analogs in men
more » ... e summarized. End results in untreated and treated patients are also reviewed by an analysis of the recently published literature on treatment of CPP in men. The available data indicate that therapy with GnRH analogs can improve final height into the range of target height without significant adverse short-term and long-term effects, but longer follow-up of larger series of patients is still required to draw definitive conclusions. (Asian J Androl 2008 Jul; 10: 525-534)
doi:10.1111/j.1745-7262.2008.00409.x pmid:18478155 fatcat:kcbfcu2itjgfjgs4pjiwzqxol4