Estudo do decaimento β- do 193Os [thesis]

Guilherme Soares Zahn
In this work, the excited levels of 193 Ir populated by the β − decay of 193 Os (T 1/2 ∼ 30h) were investigated. For that purpose, ∼ 5mg samples of 99%-enriched 192 Os were irradiated under a thermal neutron flux of ∼ 10 12 s −1 and then analysed both using single gamma spectroscopy and a 4-detector multiparametric acquisition facility, which provided data for both a γγ coincidence analysis and a directional angular correlation γγ(θ ) study. From these data, 28 transitions were added to this
more » ... ay scheme, 11 of which were previously known from nuclear reactions and 17 observed for the first time. Eight excited levels were also added to the decay scheme, 3 of which were known from nuclear reaction studiesthe remaining 5 are suggested for the first time. Moreover, it was possible to confirm suspicions found in reference that the levels at 848.93keV and 849.093keV are indeed the same; it was also possible to confirm the existence of an excited level at 806.9keV, which had been inferred, but not experimentally confirmed in β decay studies to date. 5.
doi:10.11606/t.85.2006.tde-18052012-132711 fatcat:5xkuauiq6jf4hox6kphshwgllu