Lorentz-violating effects in three-dimensional QED

R. Bufalo
2014 International Journal of Modern Physics A  
Inspired in discussions presented lately regarding Lorentz-violating interaction terms in 13,6, we propose here a slightly different version for the coupling term. We will consider a modified quantum electrodynamics with violation of Lorentz symmetry defined in a ( 2+1) -dimensional spacetime. We define the Lagrangian density with a Lorentz-violating interaction, where the the spacetime dimensionality is explicitly taken into account in its definition. The work encompasses an analysis of this
more » ... del at both zero and finite-temperature, where very interesting features are known to occur due to the spacetime dimensionality. With that in mind we expect that the spacetime dimensionality may provide new insights about the radiative generation of higher-derivative terms into the action, implying in a new Lorentz-violating electrodynamics, as well the nonminimal coupling may provide interesting implications on the thermodynamical quantities.
doi:10.1142/s0217751x14501127 fatcat:kgve6n5mpvck7h2yqkmt7zqvdm