Density and Symmetric Potential Dependences of Isoscaling Behaviour in the Lattice Gas Model

Su Qian-Min, Ma Yu-Gang, Tian Wen-Dong, Fang De-Qing, Cai Xiang-Zhou, Wang Kun
2008 Chinese Physics Letters  
Isoscaling behavior of the statistical emission fragments from the equilibrated sources with Z = 30 and N = 30, 33, 36 and 39, resepectively, is investigated in the framework of isospin dependent lattice gas model. The dependences of isoscaling parameters α on source isospin asymmetry, temperature and freeze-out density are studied and the "symmetry energy" is deduced from isoscaling parameters. Results show that "symmetry energy" C_sym is insensitive to the change of temperature but follows
more » ... power-law dependence on the freeze-out density ρ. The later gives C_sym = 30(ρ/ρ_0)^0.62 if the suitable asymmetric nucleon-nucleon potential is taken. The effect of strength of asymmetry of nucleon-nucleon interaction potential on the density dependence of the "symmetry energy" is dicussed.
doi:10.1088/0256-307x/25/6/021 fatcat:ck3p3c4icfhdzkjp4n4j2vx4ei