15) Rolation Between the Average Temperature of the Room and the Outdoor and Its Applications
15) 平均室温と平均外氣温との關係及び其の應用 : 室温と煖房及び外氣温との關係に關する研究(第3報)

Joshio Maeda
1948 Transactions of the Architectural Institute of Japan  
Arehrteotural エnstrtute of Japan 、 57 時 models of hollow shell foundatio職s have been performed to date covering the cases Qf vertical concerPtric loads , e entric loads , and inclined loads 。 Steel bearing Plates ranging in size from 50 to 400 sq cm have been used together with hollow shens of three diameters in varying lengths. Dry sand has been used as the soil for theseb . tests, The results are consistently good and reports on these experiments wi 夏 I be presented 血 in SubSequent papers . '
more » ... Preparations are under way to perform ful l size tests usi 1arger bearing areas and hdllow s鹿 1五 s against soils in situ . Asp . ial tes 口ng machlne has been de . signed and construCted with a maxi − mum capacity of 40 tons per sq meter , using O. 2sq m loading plates 。 The test量 ng machine is a rotating type with , a radius of 2. 3to 2 . 7meters which when once set up is Capable of testing six or more . diff . erent areas along the circumference of the circle . These tests are expected to prov1de more complete information ooncerning var 丘 ous factors involved in the des王 9員 ・ and construct 亙 on of foundations using hoHow she11s .
doi:10.3130/aijsaxxx.37.0_57 fatcat:lvfqs2gdubecvkbeubgbtjej7q