The Off-Site Plowshare and Vela Uniform Programs: Assessing Potential Environmental Liabilities through an Examination of Proposed Nuclear Projects,High Explosive Experiments, and High Explosive Construction Activities Volume 1 of 3 [report]

Edwards Susan R.,King Maureen L. Beck Colleen M
2011 unpublished
Cover Illustrations: The Project Bronco Site in northwestern Colorado and a schematic of a nuclear explosive-created rubble chimney. Bronco was a planned but never executed Plowshare project designed for the application of nuclear explosives to fracture underground oil shale deposits for in situ retorting and recovery (Photos by C. Beck, July 2005; Graphic from Lekas et al 1967, Figure 3 ).
doi:10.2172/1046574 fatcat:ylnmkx4zgnfzhl2mybvxdtvqsq