Carbon-substrate utilization profiles by Cladorrhinum (Ascomycota)

Viviana A. Barrera, Mara E. Martin, Mónica Aulicino, Sofía Martínez, Guido Chiessa, Mario C.N. Saparrat, Amelia L. Gasoni
2019 Revista Argentina de Microbiología  
Fungi from the genus Cladorrhinum (Ascomycota) are promising agents in the biocontrol of phytopathogens, in the promotion of plant growth, and in the production of enzymes with technological application. We analyzed comparatively the ability of 5 native strains of Cladorrhinum samala and Cladorrhinum bulbillosum with reference strains belonging to the same genus. We used 95 individual carbon sources available in microplates from the Biolog® FF system. Although most of the strains mainly used
more » ... uble carbohydrates, the metabolic profile was highly dependent upon each isolate and it revealed intraspecific physiological variability in Cladorrhinum species.
doi:10.1016/j.ram.2018.09.005 pmid:30981496 fatcat:k3tkk3nwnbbcpgrhvu33jfcnty