TLC and GC-MS analysis of petroleum ether fraction of fermented wood "Nikhra" of Acacia seyal

2019 Eurasian Journal of Forest Science  
This study aims to detect organoleptically Acacia seyal fractions (petroleum ether, chloroform, methanol and aqueous) fermented wood "Nikhra" ofthe fractions accumulating the strongest sweet fragrance these fragrances were mainly accumulated in the petroleum ether fermented wood "Nikhra" fraction and analysis fraction by using chromatographic and spectroscopic analysis. Petroleum ether fermented wood "Nikhra" fraction analysis with TLC and spray TLC with vanillin H2SO4 (pink) (C1,
more » ... ,C7), Rf values (0.92, 0.86, 0.71, 0.64, 0.57, 0.50, 0.36) ,were expected to be phenolic,with vanillin HCL (red) compounds spots (C5,C6,C7) with Rf values (0.57, 0.50, 0.37) was expected to be catechin and with vanillin H3PO4, blue-violet zones compounds spots (C6, C7), with Rf values (0.50, 0.36), were expected to be lignans. Petroleum ether fermented wood"Nikhra"fraction was divided into two types of compounds classes aromatic and non-aromatic by and hence compounds were classified to phenolics and terpenoids compounds by GC/MS. Fragrant aromatics or terpenoids were targeted in this part of study. GC-MS analysis gave a spectrum of fragrance aromatic compounds (phenolics) in the petroleum ether fermented wood "Nikhra"fractions of A.seyal, was Petadecanoic acid (5.64%) and Tetracosamethyl-cyclododecasiloxane (4.17%) total fragrance aromatic compounds (44.57%), and main terponoids compounds was Octadecanoic acid (2.52) % total fragrance aromatic compounds (11.87%).
doi:10.31195/ejejfs.472038 fatcat:bac3lvprwrac5obxlhzpwsm4um