Science and morality: The role of values in science and the scientific study of moral phenomena

William M. Kurtines, Mildred Alvarez, Margarita Azmitia
1990 Psychological bulletin  
This article contributes to the debate over values in science. A critical co-constructivist framework is proposed for conceptualizing the role that debate over values plays in all science. Using the psychological literature on moral development, it is shown that although debate over values is an integral part of all scientific discourse, it plays a more explicit role in fields within the human sciences (e.g., anthropology, psychology, sociology, etc.) that touch on moral phenomena. Debate over
more » ... omena. Debate over values thus raises a central issue for modern science, namely the need to develop consensually agreed-on methods for resolving such debate. cal and social influences, the wisdom of extending McMullin's argument to the human sciences becomes suspect. If human nature is influenced by how science views it, not only should we consider whether nonepistemic values can be removed from psychological research, but we must also consider if nonepistemic values should be removed, (p. 263)
doi:10.1037//0033-2909.107.3.283 fatcat:7l53yrtbvrchpfiryzrjcx4xv4