The Controlling $$L_\infty $$-Algebra, Cohomology and Homotopy of Embedding Tensors and Lie–Leibniz Triples

Yunhe Sheng, Rong Tang, Chenchang Zhu
2021 Communications in Mathematical Physics  
AbstractIn this paper, we first construct the controlling algebras of embedding tensors and Lie–Leibniz triples, which turn out to be a graded Lie algebra and an $$L_\infty $$ L ∞ -algebra respectively. Then we introduce representations and cohomologies of embedding tensors and Lie–Leibniz triples, and show that there is a long exact sequence connecting various cohomologies. As applications, we classify infinitesimal deformations and central extensions using the second cohomology groups.
more » ... , we introduce the notion of a homotopy embedding tensor which will induce a Leibniz$$_\infty $$ ∞ -algebra. We realize Kotov and Strobl's construction of an $$L_\infty $$ L ∞ -algebra from an embedding tensor, as a functor from the category of homotopy embedding tensors to that of Leibniz$$_\infty $$ ∞ -algebras, and a functor further to that of $$L_\infty $$ L ∞ -algebras.
doi:10.1007/s00220-021-04032-y fatcat:q7je7ab2uvbpdpchh57bo33d5y