The Pollution Effects of the Wastewater Flow on the Water Quality in Wadi Sarida Catchment / West Bank ‫آثار‬ ‫المياه‬ ‫نوعية‬ ‫على‬ ‫الصحي‬ ‫الصرف‬ ‫بمياه‬ ‫التلوث‬ ‫في‬ ‫حوض‬ ‫وادي‬ ‫سريدا‬ ‫الغربية‬ ‫الضفة‬

Waseem Ahmad, Marwan Ghanem
2015 unpublished
I II Dedication To her kindliness, to my mother "Amal" To the generations raiser, to my father "Fathi" To my brothers and sisters who supported me during the study "Haneen, Yasmeen, Salam and Saher" To my friends and all those who stand on my side To every detail related to Aleppo with my wishes for a better future I Dedicate My Work III Acknowledgment I would like to express my special thanks to my supervisor Dr. Marwan Ghanem who had the primary role in opening my scientific path and inspired
more » ... c path and inspired me throughout the thesis period, which in turn was not to be completed without his guidance and supervision. My sincere gratitude goes to the manager who encouraged me, helped me in studding the master's program and was as affectionate father, Mr. Ihsan Rukab. And my gratitude to the Institute of Water and Environment Studies with its professors and their recommendations. I send my special thanks for Eng. Nadia Affouneh and Eng. Mervat Almohammad who had a role in conducting this research.