Efektifitas GROW Virtual Coaching Model Peningkatkan Kemampuan Mahasiswa Keperawatan dalam Perencanaan Karir [post]

Qori Fanani, Janes Jainurakhma
2022 unpublished
Personality development is one of the basic courses that must be taken by nursing students which aims to find out their potential and improve their quality, one of which is through career planning; this helps students know the path that students will take in achieving their desires in the nursing profession. The purpose of this research is to explore the effectiveness of GROW virtual coaching on the ability of nursing students in career planning. The research is a classroom action experiment by
more » ... providing mentoring (GROW coaching) which is carried out virtually involving 23 participants. Collecting data using worksheets or assignments, assessments before and after coaching which are then percentage and categorized, analyzed quantitatively descriptively. The results of this study indicate the effectiveness of GROW virtual coaching on the ability of nursing students in career planning as indicated by the ability of nursing students to set goals in professional nursing career development (91.3%); able to identify self-potential (86.96%); able to find alternative solutions to problems; able to describe actions to achieve targets; able to make a career planning portfolio where the three assessment indicators are nursing students reaching 82.61%. The application of GROW virtual coaching is able to be one of the solutions to the personality development approach for students in career planning, so that the effectiveness and efficiency of e-learning is still possible to be carried out optimally with the expected achievement of learning competencies
doi:10.31219/osf.io/se8g7 fatcat:w5hptynf65gkbcfnkoqalhcedi