Theatre on the Margins: Race, Gender and Empire 3 creds., 1 st semester Course Program

Olga Barrios
Aims and Objectives This course is recommended especially for those people eager and open to learn and enjoy the reading of a diversity of theoretical approaches and theatre plays written mostly by women from different ethnic backgrounds. Aims and Objectives: 1. To have an enjoyable time reading, viewing and discussing the assigned material. 2. To explore a diversity of methods and theories to be applied to the theatre written, directed and performed in English by women of different cultures
more » ... ethnic groups from the 1960s to present. 3. To understand the close connection that exists between the written text and the performed event-the whole theatrical event-which includes acting, directing, lighting, design, stage space, etc. 4. To expose students to theories on gender, ethnic and postcolonial studies as well as to theatre and drama theory that will help analyze how concepts such as culture, gender, race and nationality are constructed in society. 5. To understand how through their creative works theatre artists have exposed and dismantled old assumptions and stereotypes of cultures and collectives that have been under oppressive rule. 6. To explore how playwrights, actors, directors and theorists have come to widen our conception of life and interrelations among human beings by offering new perspectives that confront patriarchal, imperial and neocolonial cultures. 7. To help develop the necessary critical tools and vocabulary on theatre, postcolonial and cultural theory. 8. To show how playwrights have used and continue to use theatre as a public art that intends to shed light and bring change into society, and therefore, to illustrate the impact of the performing arts in English-speaking countries.