Flexible graph matching and graph edit distance using answer set programming [article]

Sheung Chi Chan, James Cheney
2019 arXiv   pre-print
The graph isomorphism, subgraph isomorphism, and graph edit distance problems are combinatorial problems with many applications. Heuristic exact and approximate algorithms for each of these problems have been developed for different kinds of graphs: directed, undirected, labeled, etc. However, additional work is often needed to adapt such algorithms to different classes of graphs, for example to accommodate both labels and property annotations on nodes and edges. In this paper, we propose an
more » ... roach based on answer set programming. We show how each of these problems can be defined for a general class of property graphs with directed edges, and labels and key-value properties annotating both nodes and edges. We evaluate this approach on a variety of synthetic and realistic graphs, demonstrating that it is feasible as a rapid prototyping approach.
arXiv:1911.11584v1 fatcat:kxlfpb4kabaizmj4vmnubefu24