Chapter 10. Research on the Behavior of Components Important to the Safety of NPPs and More Particularly the Aging of Such Components [chapter]

2020 Current state of research on pressurized water reactor safety  
This chapter provides an overview of the most significant R&D efforts on metallic components, civil engineering structures, and other components that play a role in ensuring the safe operation of pressurized water reactors in France's NPPs and which, in particular, play a confinement role ("barrier"). The R&D efforts in which IRSN is particularly involved are related to: the behavior of components during accident conditions (earthquake, core melt, etc.); aging in a broad sense, i.e. the effects
more » ... of various mechanisms of damageor pathologiesthat may adversely affect components (metallic structures, civil engineering structures, etc.) over time and subsequent to their use (under normal operating conditions). A gradual damaging of components can be generated by operating loads and their surrounding environment, such as pressure, temperature, thermal transients, vibrations, irradiation, and the chemical composition of the surrounding medium. Operating experience, and the results of periodic tests and inspections in particular, shows that crippling degradations can occur even though mechanisms of damage-at least those that are known-are taken into account in the design, sizing, manufacturing, and
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