Severe Droughts of 1876-1878 in North China and Possible Causes [post]

Zhixin Hao, Mengxin Bai, Danyang Xiong, Yang Liu, Jingyun Zheng
2021 unpublished
Extreme drought of 1876–1878 occurred in most regions of Northern China after the industrial revolution which has led to a series of social impacts, including harvest failure, price inflation, and population immigration. Concurrently, most regions of Northern Hemisphere occurred extreme drought. Here, we used the reconstructed high-resolution hydroclimatic (PDSI/precipitation) datasets, investigated the seasonal-annual hydroclimatic spatial patterns and drought intensity with time evolution
more » ... time evolution from 1876 to 1878 in North China. Furthermore, we selected combined Sea Surface Temperature (SST) modes with positive IOD/PDO and El Niño from the 1200-year control run simulations of HadCM3 to diagnose the causes of this severe drought. The extent and intensity of selected SST mode was similar with that in Pacific and Indian Ocean during the 1876–1878 from NOAA/ERSST dataset. The results showed that the large-scale drought of 1876–1878 was mainly driven by El Niño and positive PDO, while the effect of IOD was not significant. El Niño may trigger Circumglobal Teleconnection of Northern Hemisphere, and meridional disturbance of mid-latitude Rossby wave train changed the intensity of trough and ridge, and further blocked water vapor transportation.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:gplxmt3yanflbjlehu3dqbwbya