1901 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
the sebaceous glands, which are, however, normal in shape and have normal excretory ducts. Each gland is inclosed in a thin capsule of fibrous tissue. The epithelial layer is increased and the papillae of the corium are hypertrophied; and here the growth resembles the benign forms of epithelioma to a certain extent. The isolated hair papillae found in a few of the sections are very small and atrophic. The sweat glands and the subcutaneous connective tissue and fat are apparently unchanged, save
more » ... tly unchanged, save for the compression exercised by the hypertrophied sebaceous glands. Figure 2. The resemblance to rhinophyma is marked, but there is absence of any hypertrophy of the connective tissue of the cutis, and the increase of the epithelial layer is distinguishing. Benign epithelioma of the adeno-cystic type might be thought of but for the absence of epithelial prolongations and degenerated cell-nests.
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