Ideal Bootstrap Survival Function and its Variance Estimator IDEAL BOOTSTRAP SURVIVAL FUNCTION AND ITS VARIANCE ESTIMATOR

Qamruz Zaman, Fazl-E-Raziq, Muhammad Iqbal, Salahuddin, Mujeeb Hussain, Pakhtunkhwa Khyber, Pakistan
Most of the data sets regarding survival analysis contain ties and censored events. The earlier methods do not take in to account the presence of these events and provide misleading results. In the present study, a method of Bootstrap survival function and its variance estimator by considering the ties among the events and censored observation is proposed. The performance of proposed method is checked by conducting simulations and compared with the existing methods. The results demonstrates
more » ... the proposed method perform better as compared to the earlier methods. Therefore, it is suggested that the proposed method be considered for the analysis of such types of data sets.