Control of pore size in epoxy systems [report]

Patricia Sue Sawyer, Joseph Ludlow Lenhart, Elizabeth Lee, Alekhya Kallam, Partha Majumdar, Shawn M Dirk, Nathan Gubbins, Bret J Chisholm, Mathias C. Celina, James Bahr, Robert J Klein
2009 unpublished
Both conventional and combinatorial approaches were used to study the pore formation process in epoxy based polymer systems. Sandia National Laboratories conducted the initial work and collaborated with North Dakota State University (NDSU) using a combinatorial research approach to produce a library of novel monomers and crosslinkers capable of forming porous polymers. The library was screened to determine the physical factors that control porosity, such as porogen loading, polymer-porogen
more » ... actions, and polymer crosslink density. We have identified the physical and chemical factors that control the average porosity, pore size, and pore size distribution within epoxy based systems.
doi:10.2172/976939 fatcat:cnyxo3lg55dezhq4sq2zphkexu