Designing intelligent agents to support long-term partnership in two echelon e-Supply Networks

Shima Mohebbi, Xueping Li
2012 Expert systems with applications  
Realizing the dynamic nature of information flow and the conflicting objectives of members play vital role in effective design of e-Supply Networks (e-SN). While there are some research in the SN literature proposing different dynamic and intelligent coordination mechanisms, the impact of the proper definition of data structure and long-term relationship in modeling both coordination and negotiation mechanisms have not been addressed deeply. In this paper, we propose three overlapping services
more » ... ncluding intelligent matching of partners, proposal generations, and long-term contract management. The process begins with the selection of qualified partners based on the similarity of users profiles in a multidimensional space defined by network attributes. Then, a coordination mechanism for long-term agreements is proposed such that the generated proposals in e-SN encourage buyers to reveal their demand in advance. The proposed mechanism introduces the importance of strategic buyers for suppliers in modeling and decision making process. To illustrate the model efficiency, a prototype system has been modeled and is compared to the traditional tendering mechanism. The validation results confirm the model efficiency in providing long-term decisions in a dynamic environment.
doi:10.1016/j.eswa.2012.07.008 fatcat:2zflwp3z3vfudlmyd5d6xb7b74