Parameter Robust Preconditioning by Congruence for Multiple-Network Poroelasticity

E. Piersanti, J. J. Lee, T. Thompson, K.-A. Mardal, M. E. Rognes
2021 SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing  
The mechanical behavior of a poroelastic medium permeated by multiple interacting fluid networks can be described by a system of time-dependent partial differential equations known as the multiple-network poroelasticity (MPET) equations or multiporosity/multipermeability systems. These equations generalize Biot's equations, which describe the mechanics of the one network case. The efficient numerical solution of the MPET equations is challenging, in part due to the complexity of the system and
more » ... n part due to the presence of interacting parameter regimes. In this paper, we present a new strategy for efficiently and robustly solving the MPET equations numerically. In particular, we discuss an approach to formulating finite element methods and associated preconditioners for the MPET equations based on simultaneous diagonalization of the element matrices. We demonstrate the technique for the multicompartment Darcy equations, with large exchange variability, and the MPET equations for a nearly incompressible medium with large exchange variability. The approach is based on designing transformations of variables that simultaneously diagonalize (by congruence) the equations' key operators and subsequently constructing parameter-robust block diagonal preconditioners for the transformed system. The proposed approach is supported by theoretical considerations as well as by numerical results.
doi:10.1137/20m1326751 fatcat:7j65va67tzgsld7f55ybacyx2m