Effect Of Interior Brick-Infill Partitions On The Progressive Collapse Potential Of A Rc Building: Linear Static Analysis Results

Meng-Hao Tsai, Tsuei-Chiang Huang
2009 Zenodo  
Interior brick-infill partitions are usually considered as non-structural components, and only their weight is accounted for in practical structural design. In this study, the brick-infill panels are simulated by compression struts to clarify their effect on the progressive collapse potential of an earthquake-resistant RC building. Three-dimensional finite element models are constructed for the RC building subjected to sudden column loss. Linear static analyses are conducted to investigate the
more » ... to investigate the variation of demand-to-capacity ratio (DCR) of beam-end moment and the axial force variation of the beams adjacent to the removed column. Study results indicate that the brick-infill effect depends on their location with respect to the removed column. As they are filled in a structural bay with a shorter span adjacent to the column-removed line, more significant reduction of DCR may be achieved. However, under certain conditions, the brick infill may increase the axial tension of the two-span beam bridging the removed column.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1082680 fatcat:hjprlmfcwbhupk2hc2eqmcxaqe